Reflex Math Grant

Reflex Math Grant
Posted on 03/31/2017
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Overheard at a flex math class.  “Can I practice some more?” “This is cool!”  “Can I do more math at home?”   

What’s happening?  Students are using a new program called Reflex Math. In February of this year, Mrs. Wimmer applied for and received a grant to pilot this program.  The school was awarded 35 site licenses for a year.  Select students from grades 5 through 8 will be assigned a spot. As they become fluent with facts, teachers will assign other students the opportunity to work on their math facts.  


Math facts are the foundation of everything else that comes in math.  Many of our students need more practice and help so that their knowledge of math facts becomes automatic.  Reflex Math is a program which students practice and improve their math fact fluency.   This is an adaptive, interactive site where students go through a number of games in each session, all of which are a practice of math facts.  The students who are using this program enjoy “playing” the games. The games are timed and focus on those facts the students need to practice.   

Students can use this program both at school and at home. Students, teachers and parents can view the student’s progress. You may visit the website through the parent link or through