Marine Science Day

Posted on 05/20/2019
This is the image for the news article titled GR 8 STUDENTS - MARINE SCIENCE DAY On Thursday May 5th, 46 of the 8th Grades students participated in Marine Science Day at the UCONN Avery Point Campus. This event was designed to educate students in grades 4-8 about Long Island Sound and marine science. Each student participated in a series of hands-on workshops presented by university personnel, graduate students and environmental educators from a variety of organizations. These workshops helped promote a greater awareness of Long Island Sound and its local ecosystems. Our students had the privilege of participating in: Squid Dissections, Scavenging for the Rocky Intertidal Study, Microscopic Meet the Plankton, Critter Bins, and Sail Away aboard the Project Oceanology Envirolab. Photo Gallery 1 Photo Gallery 2 Photo Gallery 3