BMS Band - Mr. Kelleher

The BMS Band program is back up and running!

The Winter Concert (for grades 7 and 8) is scheduled for 12/21/21 @ 7:00 in the BMS Auditorium (snow date is 12/22/21).
The Spring concert, for grades 5, 6, 7 & 8 is scheduled for 5/3/2022 @7:00 in the BMS Auditorium.
I am hopeful to continue the annual Adjudication Festival/Six Flags trip for 7th & 8th grade band members. When I have more information, I will send it along.

All wind/brass players will need musicians' masks for rehearsal and lessons in the band room. All the masks are the same, except for flute masks which have a special design. In addition, all wind players except flutes will need a bell cover. Percussionists will not need any additional PPE. The masks and bell covers can be found on Amazon,, and as well as many other online stores. If you have questions about what to purchase for your student, please send me an email with any questions. If you are unable to get a mask or bell cover, the school can provide one for you.

5th & 6th grade students will be starting to get their instruments and play next week 9/13/21) All band members will start small group lessons next week (9/13) Click here for the Lesson Schedule. The schedule will typically be updated on Friday afternoons.

Click here for more information on getting an instrument and beginning band.

 Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Kelleher with any questions on practice guidelines for BMS band students.

Jeff Kelleher

860-774-9153 x275