Athletics at BMS:  Parent/Student Information

Brooklyn Middle School
Athletic Information

It is mandated by the State of Connecticut, that all students wishing to participate in any sport (including tryouts for teams) must have a signed consent form, indicating their parent/guardian has reviewed required information regarding concussions and cardiac arrest. (see attachments) This information and consent forms are available in hard copy form in the BMS office and under the Consent Forms tab on this page.

The concussion/cardiac arrest information verification forms must be signed and returned to the office before students can try out for any sport, each season.  If you use the website please be sure to download, sign the consent form, and have your child return it to the office.

Therefore, if you have a student who is signing up to try out for a Fall, Winter, or Spring  sport, (cross country, soccer, softball, etc.) you must: either, access the information via the internet, download the certificate and return it to the office or read the packet of information attached and sign and return the consent form.

Students will not be able to try out for a sport if we do not have the appropriate consent form signed before tryouts. There will not be a late tryout for students who do not return forms on time.  This also includes not participating in Cross Country until forms are signed and returned. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Students prior to participating in tryouts and athletic activities must have on file, with the school nurse a current physical examination, which was performed in the past 13 months. School Nurse website