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Has your phone number or email address changed, please be sure to inform your school office, so we have your updated information.

School Messenger is our means of communication for general information, school closings, emergencies, etc., so if you do not have School Messenger, please register.  In addition to registering, you can also update your settings in your mobile device (available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices), or via the School Messenger website at  

NECC Brooklyn

Bobcats Take Care of Themselves and Others!

Bi-Weekly Bobcat Blast! Undefeated Champion Run for the Lady Bobcats!

Please speak with your children about appropriate bus behavior. 

The bus is an extension of school and all rules apply. Students should be sitting in their assigned seats on morning and afternoon bus runs.

Academic work must be completed in addition to extracurricular activities. Homework or class work will not be excused.

There are no trading cards allowed in school, this includes but is not limited to, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, sports cards.

Bus change notes should be turned in 48 hours in advance (unless it is an emergency)

Please fill out the Powerschool parent portal information that was communicated to you through email. Our communication depends on up to date information.

If your student would like to stay for a game, a note indicating parent permission must be turned in to the office during TAG on the day of the event. 

We have spoken to our Resident State Trooper after many parent and staff concerns during morning drop off and pick up. 

He will be in the lot to observe these times as often as possible.

Conference forms have collected multiple responses for some of the same time slots. We will be reaching out to reschedule the duplicated responses. I made this error and have corrected it so it will not occur in the future. My apologies.

If a grade level form is reporting that it is not taking responses, all spots are taken. If this is the case or you cannot meet in the available times, please reach out to your child’s tag teacher to schedule a conference.

Please have students bring a water bottle to school with them each day

Lunch is still free to all students, when this ends Free lunch will be available with the appropriate forms.

October 28th Halloween Dance 7th and 8th Grade Costumes allowed. 

(No capes, or masks and dress code applies. No hats-in accordance with dress code)

Nov 4th   Butter Braid Orders due 

Nov 14th Delivery of the Butter Braids

Trunk or Treat! Click here for more information

Upcoming 7th and 8th grade school dances: 

Jan 20th

March 17th

May 12th

8th Grade Promotion Dance TBD

5th and 6th grade opportunities are being planned 

Any student who wants to attend after school events must be present for at least ½ of the school day of the event.

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 Please see the Superintendent's Welcome Back message under the District/Superintendent webpage!  

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BMS Office Hours 8:15 - 4:15  

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